Think like a Chef.

Eat Like a Nutritionist.

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What are you eating?

In less than 200 years, our diets have changed dramatically. But our bodies, which are still adapted to a diet hundreds of thousands of years old, have not been able to evolve to include these processed products. Instead, our bodies have been rejecting them. We have quickly become overweight, contracted food-related diseases, and lowered our life expectancy with each passing generation. The answer is to stop allowing others to process our food, and start cooking it again for ourselves.

Ready for an upgrade?

There is nothing better you can do than feed your body wholesome foods and give your mind a rest. Cooking allows us to do both. When you make cooking a consistent practice, like going to the gym, you get better with every pan shaken, ingredient sliced, and flavor added. Like working out a muscle, cooking for yourself is a conscious act. You’re teaching your body the sense memory of consuming whole foods and acquiring new tastes for real ingredients, while ridding yourself of the addictions to salt, sugar, and fat found in processed, pre-packaged foods. The first step to making this change is to know which foods to look for and which to leave behind. 


Get serious about what you put in your grocery cart + never wonder what to bring home again. 

Grab your copy of this must-have guide now.


Make your tacos.

And eat them, too.


"We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly."

— Anna Thomas, Writer, The Vegetarian Epicure

Eat delectable meals.

Without any of the regret.


Where do you start?

You start here with us. This site was created to teach you the foundations of how food affects our bodies, our minds, and our daily lives. You'll be given the information that will lead you to make better decisions about what you put on your plate. Once you start bringing home nutrient-rich, whole foods that promote overall wellness and illness prevention, move through the site to learn how to put all those ingredients to use. Never go hungry or ask "what's for dinner?" again. You'll be the master of your meal plan.