What's the purpose of this site?

This site is all about rebuilding people's relationship with food: nutritionally, creatively, and technically. We've come across plenty of sites that offer nutrition information and "healthy eating" suggestions and sites that teach about every possible cooking technique. But no where did we see a site that does both!

What good is all that information on fueling your body if you can't turn that into edible meals? We wanted everyone to understand the basics of what foods can do for us and how to get them in our bellies as easily and deliciously as possible.


Who is this site for?

The great thing about food and cooking is that you can never know everything! When it comes to nutrition science, the top experts in the world have barely scratched the surface. It's a field that's constantly being adjusted and transformed as we learn more about our bodies and how they work. 

Cooking is no different. The greatest chefs in the world can still find a new technique or discover a new food that they have yet to master. That's part of the beauty of working with food. The possibilities are truly endless.

To answer the question, this site is for anyone who wants to know more about food - those who have been living off of lean cuisine, drive thru, and cup of noodles and need to completely revamp their food-style; those who have been cooking for a bit, but want to know more about what foods do to their body; those who have a good understanding of nutrition, but need to learn more about how to prepare their favorite foods; and even those who dabble in food from time to time and just want to drop in for the information they need and move on with their day.


We try to make this site as user friendly as possible. If you're looking to enhance your cooking prowess, start with the Food + Your Kitchen section. There, you'll see breakdowns of techniques and methods, cooking essentials like using fats and flavor profiles, and some other basic knowledge to get you going. 

If you want to amp up your food knowledge, Food + The Details is where you want to be. With detailed pages for over 50 foods, we give you the run down of cutting, washing, storing, flavor, and nutrition benefits of each, plus simple starts to cooking grains and proteins.

And if you're in need of some nutritional education, check out the Food + You menu. That's where you'll learn all about the foods that could be to blame for your bad mood, aches and pains, or low immune system. Also, you'll get simplified nutrition science lessons so you know exactly how foods affect you.


What is healthy?

Healthy is just a word. Everyone has their own definition of what healthy means to them. Our interpretation of healthy means feeling your best. Maybe that ideal changes over time. Maybe you work toward specific goals within that "healthy" frame, step-by-step. Whatever your best is, that's what healthy means. 

If you wake up feeling awake, ready for the day, and find yourself keeping up with your workload, having a generally sunny disposition, and not suffering from symptoms on the daily, then jump for joy! You're in the healthy lane!

We also don't believe that healthy means everyone subscribes to the same diet, the same habits, or the same lifestyle. Each of us has unique needs: physically, physiologically, and mentally. This means that our bodies will perform at their most "healthy" using a variety of food-styles, workout regimens, and life habits. And that's okay by us.


There are no "good" foods or "bad" foods. There are foods that make you feel good and foods that don't. We strive to point you in the direction of positive change, so you can live more happily and healthfully. If that means learning to make a sweet treat for your late night indulgence or to bake homemade chips, so be it.

We enjoy food, so our version of "healthy" is a life of moderation. We indulge when we feel like it, we listen to our bodies for what they really need, and we avoid the foods that make us feel less than "healthy."


Do you teach live classes?

If we're in your area, we'd be happy to schedule a session of nutrition and cooking fun for you and your friends!

If you're interested in organizing a private or group class, feel free to e-mail us at team@thecookingblueprint.com.


How can I make this "food-style" a part of my everyday life?

Making changes, especially when it comes to food habits, takes time. Start small. We recommend taking a look at your current diet and cooking habits to decide what area really needs attention.

Learn about the foods that may be keeping you from feeling your best and what foods are necessary to help you feel better.

Make a commitment to include new, fresh foods in your diet. Get yourself to the grocery store and spend time in the produce section, picking out a few different colors.

Choose new foods each week to add in to your meal plan, with a new cooking method to test out.

Before you know it, you'll be a master of your food kingdom!


What if I have food restrictions?

Those with restricted diets already understand the struggle of finding food to eat. Many times, when you have allergies or sensitivities, your instinct is to stick with the same old diet you know won't hurt your system. So, you end up with a boring meal plan that doesn't inspire much enjoyment.

Our goal is to give those with restrictions the confidence to try new things by learning about different options. Knowing what foods are out there can help you decide which you can include and which you should avoid.

And if you're just a picky eater, your adventure has just begun. We've found that many who claim they don't like a food have simply not eaten an enjoyable version of it, like Brussels sprouts, for example. These can be incredibly delicious when prepared properly. Getting into the kitchen and giving yourself the power to flavor and prepare things your way, opens the door to new foods, or old foods you just didn't like.

Any other questions?

Feel free to contact us with more questions you have. We love hearing from you! Email us at team@thecookingblueprint.com or visit the contact page.