Washing, Storing + Shelf Life


Because there are so many layers in which dirt could be hiding, you should always wash cabbage after you’ve cut it.  Place in a strainer over a bowl of water and rub with your hands. Pick the strainer up from the water, drain the bowl, and repeat until the water runs clear. Note that red cabbage water will become slightly purple, which is normal.


Store cabbage in a closed container and refrigerate. If you don’t have a big enough container, you can use a plastic bag.

Shelf Life

Raw cabbage can last a couple of weeks in the fridge.

flavor profile


Raw cabbage can sometimes be overwhelmingly bitter, so it's best to slice cabbage thinly to minimize its intensity. Cooked cabbage usually becomes sweet, as does its juiced version.


Vitamin K • Vitamin C • Vitamin B6 • Manganese • Fiber • Potassium • Copper • Vitamin B1 • Folate • Choline • Phosphorus • Vitamin B2 • Selenium • Magnesium • Iron • Calcium • Vitamin B5 • Protein • Vitamin B3

Blood Sugar Balancer

Age Defier

Cancer Fighter

Cold + Flu Killer

Gut + Colon Guardian

Inflammation Attacker

Heart Helper

Different Ways to Cut

Removing the Core

  1. Trim the stem to flatten, if necessary.
  2. Cut the cabbage in half lengthwise.
  3. Cut into the cabbage around the core with your blade angled toward its center.
  4. Use the edge of the core as a guide to the depth of your slice.
  5. Spin the cabbage and repeat to complete the "V" shape.
  6. If the core doesn't pop out right away, gently replace your knife into your previous cut to loosen the rest of it.


  1. Once cored, lay your cabbage on its flat side.
  2. Slice across lengthwise to your desired width.
  3. Flip and cut from the other end if the cabbage becomes unstable.
  4. Lay the center piece on its largest flat side and finish shredding from the bottom up.

For Wedges

  1. Once cored, lay cabbage on its flat side.
  2. Cut toward the center of the cabbage in wedge shapes to your desired size.

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