Washing, Storing + Shelf Life


Rinse each stalk under running water and rub with your hands to remove any dirt. If you're using the entire bunch, cut it all first, and then rinse in a bowl of water to clean. Use the Strainer-in-Bowl technique.

How To Store

Store celery in a closed container in the fridge. If you don't have big enough container for whole celery, a sealed plastic bag will do the job.

Shelf Life

Celery is quite sturdy, and can last a few weeks when stored properly.

Tricks to Know

Shock It

Shave down celery into ribbons with a peeler. Throw them in a bowl of ice water, leave for a few minutes, and then dry. ot only will that cold water make the celery look amazing and vibrant, but it will also crisp the vegetablefor a great crunch in your salad.

No Strings Attached

Have you ever bitten into a celery stalk and been left with little pieces of celery "string" in your mouth? That is the worst part of celery for many people, and continues to turn them off from enjoying it. The solution for this is quite simple, however: Use your peeler to remove the outer layer of the celery, and voila! No more stringy celery.

flavor profile

Lightly Bitter • Sweet

When eaten raw, celery maintains true to its slightly bitter and sweet nature. However, once cooked, celery takes on a savory quality, as well, that makes it an obvious choice in base cooking combinations like mirepoix, along with carrots and onions.

Different Ways to Cut

Using the Whole Bunch

  1. Keep all stalks intact at their root.
  2. Trim any leaves, if necessary.
  3. Cut to your desired size, from the top to the root.


  1. With the stalk placed round side up, trim off the white root end and tip, if necessary.
  2. Cut stalk in half widthwise, and then lay round side down.
  3. Cut each side in half lengthwise to create flatter sticks.
  4. Slice each stick to your desired width.
  5. Rotate the sticks and cut perpendicular at an equal width.


Vitamin K • Molybdenum • Folate • Potassium • Fiber • Manganese • Vitamin B2 • Vitamin B5 • Copper • Calcium • Vitamin C • Vitamin B6 • Phosphorus • Magnesium • Vitamin A

Age Defier

Cancer Fighter

Cold + Flu Killer

Blood + Circulation Specialist

Detox Endorser

Gut + Colon Guardian

Inflammation Attacker

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