Storing + Shelf Life


Store whole kiwis  at room temperature, out of direct sunlight until they reach your desired ripeness. Then transfer them to the refrigerator. Cut or peeled kiwi should also be refrigerated in a closed container.

Shelf Life

Whole kiwis can last about a week at room temperature, depending on ripeness, and sometimes a bit longer once refrigerated.

Flavor profile

Sweet • Tart

The more ripe the kiwi, the sweeter it will be, but most kiwis will have a slight tartness regardless of ripeness.


Vitamin C • Vitamin K • Copper • Fiber • Vitamin E • Potassium • Manganese • Folate

Cold + Flu Killer

Gut + Colon Guardian

Hair + Skin Specialist

Age Defier

Cancer Fighter

Blood Sugar Balancer

Heart Helper

Visual Aid

Different Ways to Cut


  1. Cut off both ends of your kiwi.
  2. Slide the tip of a spoon beneath the skin, hugging the flesh.
  3. Using your thumb, slowly push the spoon around the fruit, releasing the skin from the flesh.
  4. The skin should slip off easily.


  1. Lay the peeled kiwi on its side.
  2. Slice to your desired width.


  1. Cut the peeled kiwi in half lengthwise.
  2. Slice each half to your desired width.
  3. Rotate the kiwi and cut perpendicular at an equal width.

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