Choosing Good Food

It's all well and good to know what makes our foods great, but with all the mixed messages that face us everyday, sometimes choosing good food is harder than it seems. We don't want you to struggle to pick good food ever again. This section breaks down what to gravitate toward and what to turn away from.



How Food Has Changed

Before you learn about what to avoid and what to embrace, it's important to learn a little about how food has changed for us and why it's just not doing its job anymore. This will give perspective on how our bodies have tried to adapt, and why they really can't hack it in this modern age of processing.


The Problem Foods

It most likely won't come as a shock to learn which foods just aren't doing your body good, but finding out exactly what those foods are doing to your body will shine a light on their evil. With the right information, you can make conscious decisions about what to feed yourself, no matter what choice you make in the end.


Food Labels: The Front

Don't be fooled by the beautifully marketed pieces of packaging that glow beneath and behind the supermarket lights. Most of the promises that they make on the front are as empty as the ingredients on the back. Arm yourself by knowing which labels to admire and which to abhor.


Food Labels: The Back

If you've ever looked on the back of a food label and thought, "what the heck is that?", you're not alone. And, from now on, you'll never have to look sideways at another label. Get to know what's on the inside when you figure out exactly what it says on the outside.